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General information

  • Name: Vernár
  • District: Poprad
  • The first written mention: 1295
  • Population: 588 (1.6.2015)
  • Area: 5 290 ha

Mountain village of Vernar, well-known for its traditions and folklore, is located on the territory of Slovak Paradise National Park. Mountainous landscape offers opportunities for hiking, cycling, skialpinism and skiing in a ski resort. From the village its possible to make trips to gorges of Slovak Paradise, to the Hill Kralova hola, to the world-famous Dobsinska Ice Cave or to cross over meadows Kopanecke luky, the European unique, by bicycle.



Important city hall contacts

Address:  Obec Vernár
                   Hlavná 171/65City hall
                   059 17  Vernár

City mayor:  Ing. Vladimír Ondruš
Vice mayor:  Miroslav Novotný
Employees:  Jana Ondrušová
                        RNDr. Slavomíra Chovanová

Inspector:  Ing. Mikuláš Alexa

City hall: 00421527797129
City mayor:  00421903 300 955




Office hours

Monday:           07:00  -  12:00      13:00  -  15:30
Tuesday:          paged day
Wednesday:   07:00  -  12:00      13:00  -  16:30
Thursday:        07:00  -  12:00      13:00  -  15:30
Friday:              07:00  -  12:00      13:00  -  14:30



The administrator and owner of the Content

Obec Vernár
Hlavná 171/65
059 17  Vernár

ID: 00326682
Account Number: 25025-562/0200

Mail Contacts
General information:
Information on the fulfilling web site:

Technical operator
Webygroup Ltd.
Obrancov mieru 1856/60,
Post address: Nižovec 8936/2A
                           960 01 Zvolen



Information about competences

The Vernár municipality  provides perform the tasks,entruste to the Law No. 50/1976 Coll. about land use Planning and Construction order (Building Act), as amended, the Building Authority. Building Authority is Vernár municipality. The scope of the Building Authority is transferred perform of government. An employee of the municipality Vernár, which provides activities Building Authority must meet the specefic qualifications, verified exam.



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